Mu Lei 穆磊
Mu Lei 穆磊

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Renewal of life 虚拟再生 , Audi City Beijing ,2013


A virtual world which symbolizes a city is placed on the large screen . The artist skillfully incorporates 180 degree visual angle with different techniques such as inward and outward movements in slow motion to capture the invisibility of time and to illustrate the illusory nature of particles. In this installation, colorless and shapeless water is made concrete and exempt from gravity. Tree branches are crowned with floating clouds. The audience can experience these surreal scenes in the most tangible way. For example, the joy of being over the clouds is made real without the help of modern transportation. By stepping into the sensor area and moving their body in different direction, the audience will be invited into the world of fantasy and illusion- the world that exists outsides of any known physics principle.