Mu Lei 穆磊
Mu Lei 穆磊

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Virtual Photosynthesis 虚拟光合 , VJXXX & Mu Lei VJ大象&穆磊 , 2013


Virtual Photosynthesis is a multi- media installation that is highly-interactive. The infrared camera captures and simulates as the audience moves and becomes the source of light and shadow. When the audience approaches a particular area, the geometric figures on the screen change and make sounds of heart beats accordingly. The seemingly inanimate geometric figures are thus infused with life and possibilities. Through the interplay between animate and inanimate objects, it opens a communicative space between human beings and the virtual world.

作品意图藉由植物光合作用,赋予以数字技术组成的几何图形一种新生命形象。当观众走进特定区域时,红外摄像头将感知并将观众模拟成一个发光体, 在其照射下使得银幕中的几何图形实体化。例如观众身体的移动可以控制光影变幻,和银幕的距离远近也能使得虚拟几何体发出心跳声或形成生长形态不同等等各种变化