Mu Lei 穆磊
Mu Lei 穆磊

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Intro 作品简介

“Transcendence” is MuLei's new series of graphic motion artwork.

“Beyond the World” in old Chinese saying refers to a world beyondnormal senses. It describes appealing and irresistible scenes that defy common comprehension. In Mulei's terms, the passage to such world is internet and digital screen.

The artist establishes a “window” that possess hyper-reality and transcends common senses by building a visual matrix composed of screen and immersive projection in his series of work. Audience can experience shape of time and explore dimension of space.

In this world constructed by unlimited possibilities, those ambivalent and seemingly unrelated elements coincide. Meteor scoured by time becomes floating Taihu rocks. Crystal-clear ocean waves and clouds are inclusive of each other. Spherical energy mass is made visible yet hidden.

MuLei hopes to offer mirrored reflection and exploration in the era when we are closer than ever to the threshold of reality and unreality so that humanistic radiance and sentiment may be brought back to our daily life.

The series include Dimension of Time,Floating,Taihu Rock,Blue,Mirrored Stone,Time Capsule , Twin Peak,Ring.