Mu Lei 穆磊
Mu Lei 穆磊

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Intro 作品简介

“Transcendence” is MuLei's new series of graphic motion artwork. The series include Dimension of Time,Floating,Taihu Rock,Blue,Mirrored Stone,Time Capsule , Twin Peak,Ring.

“Beyond the World” in old Chinese saying refers to a world beyond normal senses.I use three-dimensional digital form to describe the "boundary" of the era of virtual reality and reality. This "boundary" is a window between squares and circles. The shape of time and dimension of space becomes tangible through the window. The spirit of Chinese intellectual is entrusted with natural elements such as “water, wood, mountain, stone”. They are separated, reorganized and recreated in different dimensions. Boundary,infinity,loops and multidimension are recurrent throughout the series. Audience can watch my works from onward or backward angle, there is no fixed direction for viewing. This is also my attempt to create multidimensional visuals by digital media.

In addition to the visual construction of "boundary and dimension", I tried to capture the continuity of the image during its formation. Image creation is different from imagery. For example, painting is a frozen image in which the creator combines his imagination and puts it into a frame. I try to turn the stillness of image around through the digital medium and capture the fluidity of image creation. This series can be understood as a complete reflection of my conception and creation process.

The image productivity of digital media is amazing. In the face of this powerful productivity, artists tend to be influenced and programmed without knowing it. Perhaps an artificial intelligence society will soon come, and people have general concerns about the lack of humanity in such environment. Ways to avoid excessive dependence,balance the relationship and coexist are a long-term topic worthy of further discussion.

In the process of digital creation, I stay true to my role as a painter as much as possible from the beginning. Although the work is eventually put together by digital 3D software, the initial model and the composition of color are mostly drawn or constructed by me. This kind of manualness is obviously less efficient than relying on computer program to directly calculate the output.Additionally,people make mistakes but computer does not.However, this "stupid method" is my attempt to cultivate artistic conception and the warmth of humanity in digital works.

Human beings and digital world, balance and coexistence, is perhaps the question everyone should contemplate and try to find their own "boundary."